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United Pacific's Parts And Lights For Your Classic Car

United Pacific’s Parts And Lights For Your Classic Car

We got to talk with David Odegard of United Pacific, who shared a little about the company's history and their new products. Whether you have a classic rod or a '69 Camaro, United Pacific has quality parts for you.Read More

Project Sucker Punch: Boosting With Edelbrock, Cooling Off With AFCO

Project Sucker Punch: Boosting With Edelbrock, Cooling Off With AFCO

Edelbrock's E-Force Enforcer is a roots-style supercharger that incorporates modern technology. We boost an SBC in our classic 1954 Chevy street machine, while an AFCO Racing radiator provides helps keep it cool.Read More

Ya Gotta Drive ‘Em!  Goodguys September Hall of Fame Tour Recap

Ya Gotta Drive ‘Em!  Goodguys September Hall of Fame Tour Recap

The Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour covered 1,700 miles in five days, from Loveland, Colorado to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Read about the trip here.Read More

SEMA 2015: Tuff Stuff Shows New Stealth Black Finish, Thermostats

SEMA 2015: Tuff Stuff Shows New Stealth Black Finish, Thermostats

You wouldn't think that a performance thermostat is needed, but Tuff Stuff offers one that makes sense, and is a good idea to add to your build. We also asked what is the number one tech question they get.Read More

Updated – There’s A New Hemi In Town – Bear Block’s 392 Hemi Block

The all-new 392 Hemi block casting from Bear Block Motors is in the final stages of refinement and has a host of upgrades. The company plans to debut the block for public consumption by the end of the year.Read More

Halloween Has Passed, But This Gremlin Isn’t Scary

Gremlins can be scary in October, but halloween has past. Despite the scary name, Mike Lowe's Gremlin puts a whole new face on this AMC economy car! See more on this car feature here.Read More

No doubt, It’s All In The Attitude! 1931 Model A Ford

Dennis Summers builds one car at a time in his shop, Attitude Hot Rods, in Parker, Colorado. This is one of his latest creations, a stunning 1931 Model A Ford with attitude to spare. Read more about this beauty hereRead More

SEMA 2015: Performance Distributors’ Adjustable D.U.I. Distributor

Have you decked your block, or milled your heads, and now the distributor won't seat properly? Check out Performance Distributors street/strip adjustable distributor.Read More


SEMA 2015: Racepak’s Brand-Spankin’-New IQ3S Street Dash And More

Outfitting a street car to take advantage of the latest developments in data acquisition is now an easy proposition with the release of Racepak's new IQ3S street dash. There's a host of sweet features, here.Read More

SEMA 2015: LS Engine Swap In A Box Kits From Hedman Performance

Hedman Performance Group has leveraged the products from each of their brands to create LS engine swap kits for a variety of GM musclecars and trucks. It's a good time to be an LS enthusiast!Read More

SEMA 2015: B&M’s New Star Tek Starters Cover Many Applications

Hard starting is a thing of the past with B&M's new line of Star Tek high-torque starters. Applications cover many popular performance engines.Read More


SEMA 2015: TCI’s Single Disc Bolt-Together Converters, New Shifters

TCI Automotive's SEMA display has their all-new single-disc bolt-together torque converters for GM and Ford electronic transmissions, as well as two new shifters.Read More

SEMA 2015: F.A.S.T. Shows Off Ignitions And Ignition Controllers

New for 2016 is F.A.S.T.'s E7 urethane-encased ignition box, designed to provide high-output, high-performance spark energy to race-specific vehicles. Check out more details on the new lineup inside.Read More

SEMA 2015: Lithium Pros' New Power Pro Battery

SEMA 2015: Lithium Pros’ New Power Pro Battery

Lithium Pros have a new battery for SEMA 2015. The Power Pro is designed to work in extreme temperatures and deliver impressive power for minimal weight.Read More

SEMA 2015: NAPA/Martin Senour Unveils Two Incredible Custom Cars

Two beautiful, custom builds were unveiled through Martin Senour automotive paints, both exhibiting the quality that their products can yield. Check out the outstanding workmanship that went into these cars.Read More


SEMA 2015: Header Wrap, Plug Boots, And More From Design Engineering

Design Engineering has a wide range of new products for SEMA 2015, check out their new turbo blankets, and EXO Series head wrap and plug wire boots. Read More


SEMA 2015: Energy Suspension’s Products Are Designed For Performance

Developing products to control unwanted movement is a challenge for Energy Suspension. They use a variety of methods to do so. Find out more inside.Read More

SEMA 2015: Proform Parts Talks Carburetors, Locking Fasteners

SEMA 2015: Proform Parts Talks Carburetors, Locking Fasteners

If you're looking for tools, engine dress-up items, and performance parts for your ride, we spent some time talking to the guys at Proform Parts. They're upping their game, and you can see more right here.Read More


SEMA 2015: Howards Cams’ Rattler Street Performance Camshafts

Howards Cams' new Rattler camshaft lineup comes in three grades -- the Rattler, the Big Mama Rattler, and the Big Daddy Rattler. Each has specific performance characteristics.Read More